The 1964½ was made available in two models: the coupe and the Convertible. Both of these versions sported expanded hoods and shorter rear decks as compared to the prototypes. They also featured chrome curving bumpers and grilles with a running horse, and complete wheel covers. A 6 cylinder engine was available in both the models. Buyers had the feasibility to choose between a three-speed or four-speed transmission, or an automatic transmission. The interior comprised of a “wall-to-wall” carpeting with front bucket seats, or an optional front bench or rear bench seat. It also consisted of a sports car styled steering wheel, floor mounted shifter, and a full headliner. The floor of the 1964 1/2 Mustang has no toe pad but a heel pad, and it stops at the inner rocker panel.

A total sum of 121,538 Mustangs were manufactured during the 1964½ model tenure.