The Ford Mustang is the central piece in the entire muscle car mania. Ford Mustang has the honor of being the most successful in the history of production cars. It is the car that many automakers dream of introducing. The Mustang is the type of car most automakers dream of launching. Nobody could have guessed the longevity and the success Mustang maintained through the years, and never even missing out one model year in approx. fifty years. Ford unintentionally created Mustang as its destined
performance flagship car.

The Mustangs incorporated sculpted lines and also a group of other standardized features. Only the GT model featured fancy fog lights mounted in the front grille with a standard bar, none of the other models had those. Instead of Mustang’s standard lower rocker panel molding, Ford introduced three sporty lower horizontal stripes on either side of the car. The GT 289 featured an attractive chrome hood trim part right above the front grille.