The 1965 Continental look was the final look that later defined the final appearance for the classic Lincoln body style. The front fender featured mounted parking lights and different tail lights with ribbed trim with considerably fewer changes resulting in the ‘Lincoln Continental’ look. The new improvisations were pretty inspiring as compared to the other models. And yet they had maintained the signature elegant lines with no visible chrome trim to deviate from the design. Maintaining this sense of integrity and standard helped Lincoln earn its prestigious repute.

The revamp also featured front turn signals and side lights on the wraparound lenses on the front fenders instead on the front bumper. It also sports similar turn signals and side lights on the rear. The Continental was given Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes for improved braking ability for the front wheels. Also, it features front seat belts with standardized retractors. An oil pressure gauge was also added to improve Lincoln’s reliability!