One Stop Classics provides the best 1969 Austin Mini rent quotes. Now easily rent the classic Austin in CA! It’s a comfortable option for couples out on a romantic date. Though the classic Austin mini rent in California is high all around, but at One Stop Classics we keep our rates as affordable as possible. The Mini was provided with a face lift by the stylist Roy Haynes under the ownership of British Leyland in the year of 1969. Roy was previously working for Ford and hence was able to bring in more style and subtlety to the model.

The redesigned version was named as the Mini Clubman and featured a more squared frontal look. It utilized the identical sidelight assembly as the Austin maxi. It was hoped the Mini Clubman would successfully replace the upmarket Riley and Wolseley models. It comprises of a 2-door sedan body and an FWD (front-wheel drive) with a manual 4-speed gearbox. It utilizes a gasoline (petrol) engine with a displacement of 998 cm3 / 60.8 cui. The classic Austin mini rent in California is not quite usually as cost effective as how it is at One Stop Classics.