The Continental GTC Speed is a stunning automobile that is guaranteed to get you the attention and the front parking spot no matter where you pull up. A ‘hold on to your hat’ machine, the 592hp twin-turbo V12 lives underneath the hood of this luxury convertible.

The Continental GTC Speed features a stunningly detailed luxury wood-trimmed interior, complete with a Breitling analog chronograph as well as the latest GPS-based navigation system.

The hi-fidelity sound system is second to none and ready for you should you ever get tired of the quiet rumble of this unique cars’ exhaust.

One of the best features of the Continental GTC Speed is the electronically-controlled adjustable suspension system which, at the touch of a button, can vary through ‘comfort mode’, which will make you feel like you’re riding a cloud, to all-out ‘sport mode’, which instantly stiffens up the suspension and gives you performance-handling to match any curve.

The GTC Speed gives you the best of both worlds; exotic performance with high-class luxury.